Ever wanted to go clubbing after work, AND get your workout in? Killer Beats is a nonstop cardio dance class that will leave you feeling sweaty, sexy, and supercharged. We mix follow-along dance cardio with traditional fitness exercises that will torch calories and have you feeling like a badass.


Love to show off? Killer Moves kicks off with a heart-pumping dance cardio warm up to shake off the nerves, and then we get down to business. Each night we’ll learn a set of choreography, broken down into manageable sections, and polish it up throughout the class. At the end we perform it in groups, living our best lives and cheering one another on. Regardless of size, shape, or experience level, get ready to receive a whole lot of love!


The perfect mix of sweaty and sensual, Hot Killa is our slowest format, designed provide a full body workout without the jumping. Following a high-intensity, low-impact structure set to a slow and sexy soundtrack, you’ll get a full body workout while protecting your body. With dumbbell intervals mixed in, this is the class to exercise your muscles and your sexy side.