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So, talking about myself is my LEAST favorite thing to do, but while you are on here, checking to see if KB is the place for you, let me introduce myself.

I’m Meliza.

I have spent most of my life dancing and performing and like many always in the search for that “perfect” body. Fitness fell into my lap, and before I knew it, it felt like the missing piece to the puzzle and decided to do things my own way and connect with YOU on a different level.

KILLER BODIES is set to help you build, to gain control of your psyche and understand that perfection is unattainable but once we are empowered, we are unstoppable.

We have different formats, so there is definitely something for everyone, but my entire mission is to get to you beyond your body. Whether it’s through burpees, push-ups or simply dancing, I’m a true believer that there is nothing more life-changing than movement itself.